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Than & Khanh’s Wedding

Than & Khanh-0045Than & Khanh-0050Than & Khanh-0058Than & Khanh-0098Than & Khanh-0126Than & Khanh-0187Than & Khanh-0230Than & Khanh-0458Than & Khanh-0500Than & Khanh-0518Than & Khanh-0532-EditThan & Khanh-0591Than & Khanh-0756Than & Khanh-0979-EditThan & Khanh-0979Than & Khanh-0991Than & Khanh-1258Than & Khanh-1310Than & Khanh-1380Than & Khanh-1564Than & Khanh-1586Than & Khanh-1607


ERW-177  ERW-199  ERW-394  ERW-482  ERW-566  ERW-760  ERW-784  ERW-1071  ERW-1091  ERW-1112  ERW-1129  ERW-1219  ERW-1234  ERW-1260  ERW-1282  ERW-1305  ERW-1328  ERW-1359  ERW-1419  ERW-1473  ERW-1482  ERW-1487

ERW-1592X ERW-1715  ERW-1847  ERW-1904  ERW-1970  ERW-2129  ERW-2359  ERW-2402  ERW-2409  ERW-2429  ERW-2623  ERW-2662  ERW-2756

Yoma Gallery

“MYANMAR” The Country I call home. The very first show of  my lifestyle images from past 7 trips to Myanmar will be display at the Burmese restaurant, Yoma,  in Alhambra on February 26th between 2PM ~ 5PM. I’ll be there to explain my photographs because there is always a story behind a photograph. Also there will be some photograph to purchase for your own collection.
Yoma show2

Yoma Myanmar

713 E Garvey Ave

Monterey Park, CA 91755

(626) 280-8655