If you ask me a question that where would you like to visit in the world and my answer will be always the same. Myanmar will be always top list in the world. That’s where I was born and raised till 19 and I can never have enough of my mother land. My dearest mother passed away on August 30th 2014 but my father is still there. I know there is one less reason to visit there but I’ve my own reason to be there. Once I hear that my parents are gone and there is no one to visit. Seriously? I simply like to reply “There are 53 millions friends to visit”. Everyone is different priority in life so I will not go there which including my wife. Can we go somewhere els you have been 15 times already? Anyway there are so many places to visit and so many things to do. The country is going to the right direction and it’s changing. If you like to see what the next door county Thailand would be like 30 to 50 years ago then this is the place for you. Don’t believe what you hear on the news or seen on internet. Trust me! It’s not that bad. I’m more then happy to take you there as your photo tour guide. Please contact me.

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