Threesome Nightly



The Show “Theresome Nightly” came to being after Adrian Zaw ( auditioned for radio host spot to do Movie Reviews on Radio KSCR ( but when Jowanna Lewis (President of KSCR Radio) suggested he’s too much of a character to be limited to just Movie Reviews Adrian Zaw was given an 8pm – 9pm Air Time spot to do whatever he wanted. Thus after much thought, the only thing that came to mind was… Threesome Nightly.


Threesome Nightly: A show where two girls and a guy turn fun into funny on an uncensored Podcast/Radio platform. They feature Headline News, Pop-Trends, Entertainment Segments, and much more targeted towards a College aged mature demographic. With a Special Guest on every Show there’s no limit to what FUN a “Threesome Nightly” can bring…

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